How this website has changed

Now that Tim has retired from university life, it’s time for a change. Doing research has become applying research to develop strategies for change and new habits to enhance our ability to pursue goals more effectively.

Tim has been active making this transformation through invited talks, workshops, podcasts and collaborating with app developers. The next step may be individual consultation/coaching, however this will not be available until 2025. Further information will be posted in late 2024. (Note that Tim is is not taking on any additional commitments for 2024.)

We think the best investment of your time to learn about procrastination and research-based, effective strategies for change is to listen to Tim’s series on the Waking Up app. Click on the logo below for free access to the app for 1 month (plenty of time to listen to Tim’s series and check out other resources on the app).

Logo for Solving the Procrastination Puzzle on Waking Up